So, many of you know (or have guessed) that my father is an absolute ass. Well, his evil has ratcheted up a few notches in the past month or so. Apparently, he has purchased three houses in China for/with his mistress. Plus, he is buying a house in Houston for her. All under her name, of course. He wouldn’t want that to affect any divorce proceedings or be included in his property. Bastard.

Allegedly, he may come home on the 22nd on his way to Houston to purchase this house. I told my mother to change all the locks on the house. He shouldn’t get to stay there. This house was bought and upkept by my mother’s family’s money. He wants all of that, too. Every time he is home, he turns the house upside down to see if he can root out any of her “secret” accounts.

I told her she should move even her “small” jewelry into my house or a safe deposit box if/when he should return to the house.

My father is now dead to me.

He is actually angry at my mother for not accepting this situation he has. He doesn’t talk to either me or my brother any more. Before he left for Algeria, I guess he called my mother and she kept hearing children’s voices in the background. After the call, she sent him an email saying that just because she is silent on the matter of his bastard child doesn’t mean that he should insult her by calling with his kid (and that woman’s other kid) in the background. She told him that if he ever calls her again, she should hear silence in the background. He has not called her since.

My paternal grandmother is old and looking the other way. Her eldest son, apparently, can do no wrong. She only calls when she needs something and doesn’t want to hear my mother’s voice.

She is also dead to me.