Has clearly got its nasty, expensive little claws into me! *sigh* I do not recall ever giving a crap about what I did to the nursery or video monitors or diaper bags when I was pregnant with DS. I don’t think I even did anything to his nursery until he was 9 months old.

That having said, I have just spent the last two hours researching multi-camera video monitors. This is in addition to the multiple hours I’ve done prior to today. You see, I am addicted to seeing DS on the video monitor. And yes, newborns are very boring on the video monitor. They don’t move or do anything interesting, but it’s still nice to see that they are BREATHING and, you know, NOT DEAD. Plus, why should I have to lug around TWO monitors (even though I already have two monitors – but that is a different story).

The problem with multi-camera monitors is that most people have the same kind, and these monitors only come with two frequencies from which to choose. The current monitor we have, I can see my neighbor’s kid on one of the frequencies. I knew that when I bought the second camera for my model, I likely would only see her kid in my room – and sure enough, that is the case. Guess I’m returning that one! *sigh*

I have now become addicted to seeing DS on the video monitor (it comes in especially handy because he’s in a toddler bed now and can get up and run around) and find his antics so amusing and adorable that I cannot even think of NOT having one in his new room (when he switches to a twin bed).

So, I’ve just purchased ANOTHER video monitor system (so ridiculous) and it was NOT cheap! And, adding to that confusion, there are no perfect systems! *sigh* I just want to bash my head in a wall. Why can’t I just have x-ray vision?