Yes, yes. Everyone’s kid is hilarious to them. But no, really. My kid is hilarious! For reals!! Right now, DS is going through a phase where he is supremely possessive of me. (I’d be more worried if I weren’t confident that this, like all phases, will pass eventually.) If DH puts his hand on my tummy, or my hand or anywhere on me, DS will push DH’s hand away. If DH holds DS’s bunny or my bear, DS will grab these things back and either give them to me, or put them in their proper place. If DH lays his head where DS normally lays his head on our bed, DS will ruthlessly push DH away.

It is AWESOME and hilarious. In fact, DH delights in annoying DS (if not so much delighting in the fact that DS doesn’t want DH). What can I say? I’m in high demand. ha!

We are a little worried when DD gets here. Will DS try to push DD away from me? Or will he think DD is his and push DH away from her? hahaha. We can only wait and see.

In the mean time, SO MUCH FUN.