So, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we went garage saling on Saturday. I really meant to get a bunch of toy cars and trucks for DS because he had such an awesome time at my friend’s place in San Diego. They have 5 dump trucks and 6 firetrucks! How could my boy NOT be happy?

Anyhow, we got a lot of awesome deals because we happened to run into the
neighborhood-wide garage sale at a very nice community. I’m talking at least 20-30 garage sales in one small localized area. It was great!!

In particular: a bike (obviously, too big for DS at the moment) for $17 (normally used from $40-60), a Radio Flyer scooter for $2 (retail $40), a bunch of trucks and cars, a nice wooden table for DS’s new room at $7, a Little People’s farmhouse
for $3 (I can’t believe this is normally $40 – I would NEVER pay $40 for this thing), a kid’s guitar for $7 (retail $20) and a variety of other things.

I am PLEASED as punch, I say! PLEASED!

The thing is, DH was also very pleased because we got about $200 worth of stuff for $42. Of course, I am stingy and frugal and bargain on this stuff – yet earlier this week, I threw down a LOT more on a diaper bag that I did NOT need (but really wanted). So, you know, I saved us a few dollars here – but certainly spent MORE somewhere else.

But let’s not dwell on that. Instead, let us bask in the afterglow of garage sale awesomeness!