Sometimes, I end up making a complete mess of my house because I’m making an effort to clear out crap. And boy, is my house a mess! About a month ago, a real good friend of mine came over to help clear out my front room. It has been really nice and neat and pretty for the last month. And, um… it still is?

But since I left on my curb a bunch of stuff to give away this Monday, I have re-filled the space with more boxes (as a holding area). These are boxes filled with a ton of books (either mine or DH’s or even my brother’s) that are going to be loaded up into the van for going to the used book store and/or the library.

What’s with the flurry of getting rid of crap? Well, as you may recall, I am expecting DD in mid/late October. As a result, I am moving/switching rooms around. I want to get this all done at least a month before DD shows up so DS doesn’t think it’s all DD’s fault (which, of course, it is). Anyhow, I have to clear out the guest room and smash it into the office (which has been a mess since I’ve moved here in September 2009). Hence, moving a ton of books and bookshelves out to create space for the queen bed that will be there.

But why NOW? Because DS’s brand new big boy twin bed is coming on Thursday! YAY? YAY! Once I clear out the guest room (and make some safety adjustments), I can start putting in all the awesome garage sale items I got on Saturday into DS’s room. I can go wild and crazy with the wall decals (a bunch of cars, tracks, and pond animals – a veritable mix of weirdness) and actual nest for my kid! I went through ZERO nesting when DS was arriving so he at least should get to benefit from my nesting phase for DD!

But all these domestic shenanigans make me physically very tired. (Especially since on Monday, like the idiot that I am, I moved a VERY heavy desk out of the house and down the 4-5 front steps to the curb because I forgot to tell DH to do it the night before and of course, I just HAD TO HAVE THAT THING OUT THAT MORNING for the curbside charity pick up. Because, you know, it’s not like we have one of those every week. *eyerolls*)

So, I’m exhausted. Which is so utterly ridiculous since I slept nine hours last night and had a good two hour nap this afternoon. RIDICULOUS. Proceed playing the world’s smallest violin for the world’s saddest story. I know. I’m an ass.