So, the main bad thing about ordering things online is when the products do not turn out as expected. I recently ordered a very expensive video monitor (well, what video monitors are NOT?) that can have multiple cameras, and while the one of the cameras is awesome and has crisp and clear images, the second camera blows! It’s like looking at a video monitor from the Predator’s POV. (For future reference, I bought the 2011 Best View Monitor with Extra Camera.)

I emailed their customer service so we’ll see what they recommend (I did follow all their useless advice in the manual). Hopefully, they’ll send me out a new camera!

But not just the camera, I ordered some new twin sheets for DS and boy, did the color come out totally not what I expected. Guess I should adjust the colors on my laptop screen. *sigh* Ah well, I’m not sure if the color annoys me enough to bother with returning the sheets. After all, even though I have Amazon Prime, it came in one day! I was pretty impressed with that. 😉