So, after much finagling with the baby monitor (including changing my wireless channel 11 times), I’ll be sending the product back to Summer and they’ll be sending me out a new one. Here’s to hoping it works!

After getting DS’s new twin bed, I realized that unless I didn’t want his bed next to a wall (thereby requiring me to get another bed rail), he would end up hitting his head on the window sill. As a result, I went straight to craigslist to find a white headboard. This is probably at least the third or fourth time I’ve done the search and fantastically, I got one for $20!! Plus, the nice lady delivered it to my house! Amazing! So, all I need now is a dust ruffle for the bed and for me to bite the bullet and put the boy in his new room. (That, and decide how the baby gates will work in the room with two doors.)

I don’t like all this change, I must say. I like having him closer to me. 😦