Well, it’s kind of a first babysitting. I’m dropping off DS with our normal Monday Mandarin Mommies Playgroup and leaving him there while I have to volunteer at an event. It’s only for a few hours and DS is familiar with the kids, but I still worry. It’s the first time I’ve left him with someone who is not either DH, my mother, or my grandaunt. I don’t know how I feel about it. In fact, I’m sure I’ll be more worried than DS will be.

In a similar volunteery note, I worked the cashier at our library’s used book sale today and picked up Harry Potter 2! Now, all I need is book 3 to complete my set. I’m picking them up slowly over the years. Certain books are worth having!

I boxed up at least eight boxes of books that I’m giving away or turning in for credit at the used book store – but some of them were difficult to give up. For example, I haven’t re-read them in decades and I don’t plan on ever doing so, yet I had a difficult time getting rid of the Dune series. I liked them the first time round, but then found them way to dusty the second go-round. (As in the setting. Frank Herbert’s writing was too good so I found myself constantly tired, thirsty and dusty on his desert planet!)

I know they’re science fiction classics and part of me wants them on my bookshelf for the status alone! But I will never read them again – and if I really want DS to read them in the future, there is a thing called the LIBRARY. It’s so silly. So, I’ve put them in the donate pile. Seriously, the “problems” I face.