I am super-appalled by my brain’s lack of behaving this morning! ACK! If I were someone else observing me, I would’ve wanted to punch myself in the face!

This morning, I dropped DS off at my friend’s house for the playgroup (he did awesome!!!) and went to volunteer at the golf tournament. Let’s just say, I was doing great passing out T-shirts until they asked me to help with the raffle ticket sales.

Ok, so part of it was that someone did not give me enough information, but really – I DO have a brain. I can figure things out, right? And you know, READ? As well as do math?? Apparently not. *sigh*

1) I hadn’t really paid attention to what was on a Superticket sale so some random guy comes up to me and says that he didn’t get his raffle tickets. So, I just gave him one. THEN, about ten minutes later, I realized that he wasn’t supposed to get those raffle tickets with his Superticket and called him back, but he had already deposited the raffle tickets in the drawing! I wasn’t going to make him take them back – so I told him not worry about it. But geez! I couldn’t READ or anything?

2) For about 15 minutes, I was just watching a huge line build up and my friend who was next to me taking care of everything. For some reason, I had it in my head that I was only selling raffle tickets, but since my friend was ALSO selling raffle tickets in addition to the Supertickets and other things, I had nothing to do.

THEN, I realized that, duh! I have a credit card machine. I ALSO have Supertickets RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY STUPID FACE. And, how are people supposed to know they can ALSO come to me IF I DON’T TELL THEM?

I felt like such an ass. But it continues!

3) After confirming with someone that their order was $40, I charged them $60! Then, we couldn’t figure out how to credit her back $20 and kept pushing buttons on the machine until she said, “Why don’t you just give me a $20 bill?” DUH!

Needless to say, I clearly have forgotten how to use my brain. I was highly considering quitting the board next year, but now that I see how little my brain is used, I might not!