Since yesterday or the day before, my father has been IMing me constantly with just a, “Hi.” In the past, I would IM, “Hi” back and usually, that would be the end of it. He’d think he did his duty in contacting me or something stupid.

Well, I’ve been ignoring him and he has steadily become more persistent. This morning, it is now, “hi. hello???” And this afternoon, “i hope you can take DS to visit grandma. you can use my ua mileages.” This is the same father who has changed his UA mileage password so my mom can’t access it or use it or see when he is making secret mistress-house buying trips to TX but neglected to change the phone call notice that UA makes whenever he flies so my mother still got phone calls from UA telling her when and where he was flying. What an ass-hat.

Just now, he IMed me again with, “hi.” I’ve ignored him several times now. Part of me wants to just tell him, “Hey, douche bag. I’m ignoring you because I’m sick of you thinking that you’re so smart and getting away with all this shit and that you’re a good dad or whatever and all this other nonsense. You are dead to me and I’m only bringing DS to see grandma when she’s six feet under.”

Fuck him and his mother.