A few weekends ago, I boxed up a good 8-11 boxes of books and yesterday, DH and I took them to the local used bookstore. The first one just picked over what they wanted and gave us a store credit of $36. Then, DH said, “Are there any other book stores we can go to?”

I replied, “I think there’s a Half Priced Books in the next town if you don’t want to drop the books at the library.”

After a five minute discussion, we decided to go to that used book store, too. Boy, am I glad we did! Now granted, I would’ve been fine just donating the remaining 8 boxes to the library, but since this book store took ALL OF THE BOOKS and gave us $50 cash for it, I am now much more fine with going to that bookstore.

Of course, I promptly spent all that “new found” money at the Old Navy sale and then Bed Bath & Beyond. *sigh*

Ah well. At least my bathroom sink cupboards are finally organized (with what DH calls Rich People Organizers). I suppose DH is right. But they make me happy and my bathroom is finally not resembling some haphazard dump of toiletries. It helps that I am donating/throwing away about half of the stuff. (DH’s mom always has a bunch of toiletries and we used to take a bunch whenever we were there, but they’ve been sitting unused for a few years now, so I think it’s safe to get rid of them.)

Yay for nesting!