Yes, yes. Especially with the crying and stuff. But now, DS has taken to telling me he’s pooped or peed in order to get me into his room and take him to our bed and sleep with us. (The changing table is on our bed so if he actually does poop, he comes into our room and gets changed and then he immediately crawls into my bed. Sneaky!) For a few nights, he DID wake up with poop so I’ve been worried and checking. But now, he’s just faking.

But, because the poop and pee wolf-cries are no longer working, he is now claiming, “Tong Tong!” (which is “hurt” in Chinese) and “Ouch!” It would get me more often if it weren’t so funny.

DH asked me last night how we were going to manage with FOUR kids in the future – especially if they all go through this phase of not wanting to sleep and screaming at the top of their lungs. I said that they’d figure it out. But mostly, I think what will end up happening is that we’ll buy another king sized bed or something and that way, we can fit all four kids in the bed at the same time. *sigh* I’m such a sucker.