Because I keep shopping online!! Granted, it’s stuff that I was going to eventually get anyway (like furniture straps for bookshelves and newborn diapers for use until the bellybutton thingy falls off). But still! It’s just so addictive to see that Amazon Mom/Prime ships things in two days and if I’m really lazy, I don’t even have to go to the store!!

At least I asked my neighbors for the free rusty tricycle and bulldozer that they left out in front for pick up but the pick up hasn’t come and it’s been three or four days and they let me have it for free? Yes? Yes??

But then I go to Costco and see these “sensory balls” for $20 and of course I have to buy them because God knows that DS doesn’t have enough balls in this house. *sigh* I really need to re-institute this no buying stuff for the whole year again. Oh, what? I’ve failed miserably? *sigh* Yeah. I know.