I swear!! But my neighbor (the very same who gave me the rusted bike and faded bulldozer) just gave me two more used and faded toys for DS to play with. A little push/ride plane and a push/ride car. They are awesome and he loves them. I am not a hoarder!! Who cares if they’re faded from the sun? They still work and DS will play with them outside and I won’t feel bad that they’ll fade even more. By the time Kid 4 comes around, they’ll likely be bleached white! hahahah.

But just to re-state for the benefit of my brother, I’m not a hoarder!! Those people have dirt in their homes and no open spaces and have dead cats under piles of trash. I have none of these things. Just, um, less and less space. heh?

But I’m clearing out my office (I’m gunning for clear by September) and it will be a nice and beautiful and pristine guest room before we’re done! YES!!!

However, until then, I don’t mind getting free stuff from the neighbors. πŸ˜€