Okokokokokok… I realize I’m not so much FAT as I am PREGNANT… but that’s really just semantics. Because really, I’m large. HUGE, in fact. And I will only get bigger. Which completely frightens me and makes me so sad.

My mom was so happy to bring back this really pretty shirt for me to wear, it’s all silk and nice and when I wore it (she made sure to tell me she got as large a shirt as possible so I could squeeze into it – which did NOT make me feel better), I looked like a FAT WHALE IN A MUMU. I was so sad. My mom took it back for herself (I think, it was her secret plan in the first place. 😉 ) and told me that she would keep it for me and that it looked great on her. It was amusing, but sad, too.

I know in my head that I am still 15 pounds away from my 45 lb weight gain with DS so I can’t really be that large – but I also know that I’m sure I’ll gain ALL those and possibly MORE because I still have about 2 months left. TWO MONTHS LEFT. That is insane.

At the same time, THANK GOD because I am huge and uncomfortable almost all the time and I really want to meet this baby and love her and kiss her and cuddle her and see her with DS. Because DS with babies is adorable!! And plus, all my worries about loving DS more than DD will be laid to rest because I’m sure it will be love at first sight like it was with DS. 🙂 (I hope?) I’m sure!!