I know, I’m an ass. But sometimes, I just really think kids these days are stupid. Or completely lacking in common sense. I’m the co-chair for our Alumni Scholarship luncheon and when we sent out the email invitations to the scholarship recipients (most of whom are at or about 18 years old), we included my phone number and email.

Mostly, I did not expect anyone to call me. (How stupid of me, clearly.) I assumed that people only call if it’s a dire emergency or something extremely personal. I also assumed people would rather choose email because that is less intrusive and when you call people during the day, you’re likely calling them at work (which most adults do, even if the work is napping with a toddler). Plus, with email, you get a written response and that’s often easier to digest (for me, anyway), than a verbal one – which I usually promptly forget.

Nope! One young man called me yesterday afternoon (and left a polite voice mail) to ask me which option he was supposed to choose on the invitation. Granted, I’m not annoyed about that, I can totally see how the options can be confusing – especially if you’re not familiar with all the groups and organizations. No kid wants to make an embarrassing gaffe – especially to the organization that is giving you money.

What I’m most annoyed about is him calling me on the phone! Really? I think he just called me on the phone because he wanted an instant answer and was lazy. My suspicions were confirmed when I called him back this morning (boy, was I tempted to call him at 7:30am). I called him at 9:05am, a decent hour for a normal person, but I was pretty sure he’d still be asleep. I don’t think I ever woke before noon throughout most of college so I took a mean satisfaction upon waking him.

Turns out, he figured it out. And did NOT call me to tell me not to bother calling him back. REALLY? We gave him money? Now, I realize that being just an oblivious teenager is part of the process, but COME ON!! This just goes to show you that despite being smart and interviewing well, some kids just have no clue.