That really weren’t that bad in retrospect, but still. Yesterday night, I had a rare asthma attack. Not even the wheezing need to go to the ER kind. Just the kind where my lungs felt as if they were being crushed in a vise. I took two puffs of my fast action inhaler, nothing. Then I took two more – still nothing. But I was too scared to take more because I could feel DD inside of me just wigging out. (It is a stimulant, I believe.) I’ve never had things not immediately loosen up so I panicked. Then I panicked because I knew my panicking was making it harder for my lungs to loosen up.

Then I panicked because I would have to go the ER or call an ambulance and DS just fell asleep and I didn’t want to wake him and it was just craziness in my brain. I didn’t know how long I was supposed to wait out the inhaler before I took even more action. Finally, I called my OB and he happened to be on call.

By the time he called me back, I had calmed down enough and my lungs had loosened up. He said if it happened again and didn’t dissipate, to go straight to the ER. If had more problems today, to come in and see him. Since I was going to see him anyway tomorrow, I decided that I would be fine.

Well, my lungs were fine today. But now, I really do think I have gestational diabetes. I failed my 1 hour glucose test last week (although, I failed with DS last time and passed the 3 hour glucose test) and have to take the 3 hour test soon. (I’m doing it tomorrow.) But ever since I found out, I’ve felt nauseous after I eat something sweet, or eat anything really in general. I feel super thirsty and seem to have mild headaches. So, of course, I am totally freaking out since these are some of the symptoms of GD. I’m also pretty sure it’s all in my head.

Today, I was pretty tired, had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions, couldn’t really carry DS much (with which he expressed his immense disapproval rather vocally and many a time) and felt sick all day. Still took DS out to his play group (I’d rather be tired outside and have him be run tired, too, than have to play with him by myself at home). After a three hour nap, I still didn’t feel much better.

I should likely turn in now and take it easy. But I have to make sure to shove food in my face right before midnight. Otherwise, tomorrow is going to be really bad. 😦