So, thanks to my lovely house guests (the dubious honor of being the first to be in the new guest/office), we have a much clearer room! We also had a curbside pickup this morning so that we were able to get out an old television set as well as two lamps and six bags of stuff. 🙂 YAY! We can now cram all the remaining stuff into the closet.

Of course, before I pat myself on the back too much, I still have a lot more to purge and organize because I have to move the old guest room closet stuff into the new guest room. So, that will require some tossing out of stuff as well.

But over all, I’m supremely pleased. I love getting rid of stuff – even if it’s super nice or whatever because really, I’m not gonna be using it, so why can’t someone else benefit?

Oh, and I also sold my Fluidity Fitness Bar (well, in process, anyway) as well as gave away a box full of gift boxes/bags/tissue paper. I love getting rid of stuff! (Now, I just have to convince myself that this is not an excuse to get MORE stuff. hahaha.)

So, Dear Brother – I’M NOT A HOARDER!! 😛