My visiting friends and DS and I went to visit the CA Academy of Sciences today and had a blast! The first thing DS did when he walked through the doors was stare up at the giant T-Rex skeleton and go, “Wow!!” And it just got better.

The last time we were here (about three months ago?), DS had a good time, but this time, he had words! And was far more enthusiastic. He just ran from exhibit to exhibit. Stared and pointed at fish. Made monkey noises at the stuffed ape. Called the giant giraffes moose. Stared at the tortoises. Screamed in joy a LOT. Oh, and gave tons of hugs and kisses to my friends’ two girls. 🙂 He sure knows what’s important in life.

I am just so amazed at what a difference three months makes in behavior and interest. I am tempted to go with DH so that he can see how much fun DS has there. It is exhausting but totally worth it. DS did NOT want to go home at all! A complete delight!