We’ve been a little worried about how DS will deal with DD when she arrives. After all, he thinks he’s the center of the universe (don’t we all?) and he clings onto me quite a lot. He used to be very jealous of babies and other kids when I held them, but now, he is more fascinated by babies and is totally drawn to them. For awhile, I kept thinking he likes babies now because I return them to their mommies. Now, I think he’s going to be an awesome big brother.

My good friend from college came by with her two girls this morning. DS could not stop kissing and hugging and playing with her 5 month old little girl, AE. It was adorable. He wanted to hold her, kept kissing her, pet her head and face, and even let her pull on his hair for a good five minutes. (He had this awesome, “What the heck is going on?” mixed with, “Ouch!” face while she was doing it, too. hahaha!)

It pleases me that he can be so sweet. 🙂 I’m getting more excited about seeing DS with DD.