Last night when DH found out I bought the train, he said, “At some point, I’d like a house.” Meaning that we live in a giant toy store. đŸ˜€ But at least the train isn’t constantly out. And DS really loves it so it’s great? YES! It’s great!!

But seriously, I need to stay off the internets and out of my friends’ houses because they are sources of supreme temptation.

A friend of mine from my Mandarin Mommies group told us that her husband was making her give up a giant dollhouse because she just got her kid a kitchen. They have a one thing in and one thing out rule. I said, “That’s ridiculous! You’re having another baby, does that mean you’re kicking your husband out?”

My friends all laughed and wondered why I immediately went there. hahahah. They asked if DH should be worried. I replied, “I am, if anything, practical. I can’t get rid of the gravy train.”

Poor DH. Poor husbands everywhere.