Goodness! 5 days of no posting? Bad me! Bad me!

Ok, enough castigation! Onto the topic at hand. Of the few times I’ve been away from DS, and the three times I’ve actually talked to him on the phone, two of those times, he sounded unbearably sad. Just cried, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” *sigh*

I am dreading the birth of DD. Only because I have no idea what to do with DS. He’ll likely be at my house with my mother, but just the thought of him crying for me makes me want to weep. Maybe I should do a home birth, after all!! (Ok, I’m not really up to that. But see what this does to me?)

Perhaps I’ll just make DH shuttle DS back and forth from our house to the hospital (although DS will likely be super bored) so I can see him and he can see his new little sister. Blargh. This makes me very upset to think about. In fact, thinking about this keeps me up a lot at night. I just don’t like any of these solutions.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to have the VBAC and maybe they can let me out early. Two nights seems too long away from my dear, sweet, precious little boy.