I just can’t get over how big and quickly DS is getting. He is picking up a ton of new words everyday and just a riot. Of course, that also comes with his tantrums and complete stubbornness. (Where did he get that from, I wonder?)

I keep putting off things that will make him even “bigger” such as moving him into his new room, potty training, etc. I just want to hold onto him and never let him go. He’s such a little emperor, it’s utterly ridiculous. He is going to be SO disillusioned when a little empress shows up and ruins his good thing. hahaha.

Truly, if I had known motherhood would be this awesome, I really would’ve started earlier. (Of course, I would’ve been even crazier so that probably wasn’t a good idea. But you know what I mean.) Now, I’m just getting ready to pump out a baby every 2 years so I can have four by forty. (We’ll see how I feel about that after DD shows up!)