So, on Saturday morning, I emailed my father and told him that I loved him, and that unless he does certain things, his mother and he were dead to me. He emailed back that he was sorry he wasn’t a better model but I shouldn’t do this to Grandma since it was not logical.

Since he’s dead to me, I can’t really go back and say what I want, which is, “Oh, you’re sorry now? Well, that changes everything. All is forgiven then. Glad that’s cleared up!”

I especially enjoyed how he apologized without saying he was wrong or that he intended to make any changes to his life. Ah, half-assed apologies! They’re the best! And, if he can’t figure out why his mother is also impugned, well then, that’s too bad. She’s another of his victims, but she also made her own choices.

I knew my dad would forward my email to my mother, and he did. According to my brother, she was flabbergasted. I think she somehow thought that we wouldn’t lie anymore to him, but neither would we go on the offensive. I don’t know how he could know we know if we didn’t say anything. Telepathy? *eyerolls*

She says she is glad now and only worries that my dad may retaliate against her and that he may show up at my front door. Well, this is America and I have a fucking alarm system and I have no problem calling the police on him if he should choose to waste his money in such a fashion. I’ve called the police on him before. I have no problem doing it again (especially while eight months pregnant with a twenty-one month old toddler).

Of course, I have wasted too many tears on this man and what he has done to my family. Fuck him. He is no longer welcome.