I never understood, until recently, why my uncle, (my father’s younger brother), refused to speak to my father. This started after my dad was “caught” with his first affair some two decades ago. My uncle felt that my dad never truly repented (in truth, my dad has never said he was sorry) and that my dad would continue doing as he had, given the chance. He and his wife were very harsh in their “truth-telling” to my mother. So much so that they often insulted her and as a result, I hated them.

My uncle wanted my dad to know the “wrath of God” so he withdrew his presence in my dad’s life. The funny thing about it, though, is had my uncle been a more likable person, my dad might have missed out on the relationship. As it is, my uncle can be a self-righteous ass so his removal from my dad’s life was almost like a boon. *shrug*

However, now that I think on it, my uncle really was the only person to call it like it was. And now, I agree. My mother was extremely stupid and naive and just dumb. And I, I have removed my father from my life and told him so.

It’s extremely humbling to know that such an asinine person was also really right. *sigh* Ah well. I doubt that my uncle is the type of person to take any satisfaction in being right in this case.