So, on Monday night, I finally bit the bullet and moved DS into his new room and new bed and instituted a No Baby Out of the Room Into Our Bed Until 6am Policy. He was not pleased – but I must say, I AM! Of course, I miss his exothermic little body next to mine, but ultimately, he does get into our bed early in the morning and I do nap with him in the afternoon. So, I do get him for some period of time. 🙂

Plus, how was he going to be able to sleep well when DD arrived and cried all through the night in our room? It wasn’t going to happen! I figured we would just get rid of all old associations with the new room. And despite the expected weeping and gnashing of teeth, it’s going rather well. Tonight, DS barely cried and then just sat around on his bed for a bit, lay down and went to sleep. It can only get better, right?