So this past week, I finally stopped dragging my feet (I know, I know, the galling part of this is that I am a financial advisor – but hey, Doctor! Heal thyself!) and took a good, hard look at what we’re spending. (Or rather, what I’m spending since DH doesn’t spend naught except food and gas. He rather needs to spend money on gas.)


I just want to dig a deep hole, bury myself in it and cover all my shame. In particular because I know there are millions of people out there who would kill to have the income that my husband makes and what do I do with it? Just twiddle it away!! Blargh.

The daunting part is, of course, to stop. Sure, I could just go cold-turkey (and likely, I will have to just forswear and pretend I’ve never heard of its beautiful Amazon Prime 2 day shipping and no CA tax at least until 2012). But if I also want to save an additional $15k next year as well as double our giving (since we’re only giving a paltry 5%), then I HAVE TO MAKE SOME DRASTIC CHANGES.

Problem that I’m facing: most of our expenses are FIXED. The big ones that make a difference in saving or not saving. I can cut my eating out/Costco/Amazon habit by a lot – but even that is a small, pathetic amount compared to the actual amount I want to save. 😦