Ladies and gentlemen, I spent less than $100 today at Costco. I know! Stop the presses – is that even possible for a normal human being with eyeballs? But I did!! (This even included a cow costume for DS – which he is now demanding to wear all the time so I guess I’m getting my money’s worth this year.)

Now, to some of you, this is completely ridiculous. After all, who spends that freely at Costco? But for me, this is seriously an accomplishment! I was feeling super down on myself for a bit, but a good friend of mine, who I totally respect and think is totally awesome with her budget and spending, ALSO confessed to a nasty Costco habit! *shakes fist at Costco*

So, we’re forming a support group of sorts. We’re going to attempt to spend less than $400 a month (I know, a ghastly high number yet, sadly, seemingly very low) at our combined grocery/warehouse markets of choice. This should be an interesting month! Then, we’ll see if we can cut down some more.

Wish us luck! Clearly, we need it!