No, I’m not talking about DD and my ballooning belly. (Although, I am sure she is growing at a nice little clip.) I’m talking about DS! I’ve been super vigilant about measuring his height/length and his weight every month for the last 21 months. DH is gunning for DS to be 36 inches by 24 months because the general rule is that if you double the height at 2, that will be around the height you will be when you grow up.

So, DH is clearly wanting DS to be at least 6 feet tall. And that’s completely doable – at least genetically. Both of our fathers were around 6 feet tall (even though we both are NOT). hee.

Well, I’m pleased to report that DS has grown almost an inch in the last month and is pretty close to 35 inches. He has 4 more months to grow another inch. I think he can do it! YAY!