I dream about food. Ok. That’s not technically true. hahahah. But I do think of food quite often. What to eat, what to eat next, what to feed DS, what to buy, etc. It’s so crazy to me that so much of my life revolves around meals! I guess they are just one of the sign posts that the day is progressing.

Seems to me that from the moment DS wakes up, I wait for a group activity/playdate to start. Then, I think about making it to nap time. Then, after the nap, making it until my mom comes over. Then, when DH comes home. Then, bathtime. Then, bedtime. Then, of course, I miss DS. *sigh*

Is that living in the present or not fully living in the moment? Granted, I’m not always counting down the minutes, but it does seem that I look for markers throughout the day to tell me that time is passing. Otherwise, it can get too exhausting.

I wonder if that is how addicts make it through the day sometimes. Just getting through the now to the next moment sober. Not that being with DS is like trying to going through the day sober – but it is one heck of a long day trying to entertain or occupy a toddler. Yes, he is much better at amusing himself now, but it’s not like I can just leave him somewhere like a grown up and leave him to his own devices. (That would be a BIG mistake!)

I do know that these are the golden moments and do cherish them. The days are long but the years are fast. Sometimes, too fast.