Not just because DH is home so that I can have a break with DS (and I do, because DH is awesome and lets me sleep in despite being stupid and staying up late reading romance novels like I’m young, footloose and fancy-free). But mostly because DH plays with DS in ways that I never could.

There are few things that make my cold, dark heart smile as much as hearing the screeching laughter and screams coming from DS when his Papa chases him around and tickles him and plays rough with him. I just love how DS wants his Papa around him at all times (even if it’s just so DS can ignore him). I love how they can roughhouse and scramble around outside, being physical and active. I love how DS comes back from the park with DH utterly exhausted and smelling of little boy sweat and dirt and fun. I love how DH will carry on ridiculous conversations with DS, interpreting his babbles and saying silly things. I love watching them enjoy each other.

Of course, I love how it also frees up time for me to be silly and read romance novels, but mostly, I am so happy that they’re building a relationship separate from me. It gives me hope that DS will be okay even if I’m not around him all the time. I mean, it clearly bears fruit. After all, DS has been allowing DH to bathe him without protest for the past few days. UNHEARD OF.

That makes me supremely happy.