So, I had a post all planned out in my head but then, by the time I could do anything about it, I can’t remember. *sigh* Thus are the perils of Baby/Prego Brain.

Sorry about that. If I can remember, however, I’ll be sure to post something more interesting than this place filler.

On the bright side, though, (and completely unrelated) I finally uploaded a bunch of YouTube videos for DS and downloaded a bunch of pictures since April. Yes, yes, yes. April. Now I have room for DD when she shows up.

Also, after IMing with my little cousin, I found out that she and her family (my self-righteous uncle who shares a mother with my father), will be in SF around my due date. But after saying we’d like to visit with them, I found out that my grandmother will be there as well. Awkward. So I said that I would love to see her and her sister, but not grandmother.

*sigh* Family is hard. Well now, turns out I did have a mini-post after all, eh?