I know I have complained about my MIL in the past. Tonight is no exception.

One of the main reasons that I don’t like being around her is because she is such a negative person. Everything is terrible, horrible, and her life is so miserable. It makes me so angry because other than her mental issue (thinking that everyone finds her ugly and is looking at her – and listen, she’s an old lady – she is INVISIBLE to the rest of society), her life has been relatively easy.

She had a good husband (who may not have met all her expectations, but really, who can?) and a good life and should be grateful! Except that she’s not!!

Meanwhile, my mother, who has been admittedly stupid, has truly suffered at the hands of my father for decades without really complaining or saying anything about it. (Granted, that is also annoying, but you see how that gets to me.)

When I think of all the TRUE suffering that I’ve either personally gone through, seen my family go through, as well as my friends who are actually going through serious and life-altering things, my MIL is complaining about a good life! Now, of course, no one can win an argument about comparing suffering. And just because other people might have suffered more than her, doesn’t negate her suffering.

But really. I just want to smack her.

And that is partially the reason why I have a hard time being civil or kind or nice to her. I just see her as a huge ingrate.