As I posted on my FB status a few nights ago, Insomnia + Nesting = No Sleep + No Money.

At least I haven’t gone on an internet spending binge in the middle of the night (but not for lack of trying). Mostly, I just reorganize things, throw things away, or spend my waking moments making lists of stuff I need to reorganize, throw away or arrange. Or, buy things that will help with organizing and storage. It’s ridiculous. I have so much room, but I stuff things into closets and as a result, can’t find anything. Or, I make poor use of space.

I am on a nesting rampage and it isn’t pretty! Good thing it’s near the end of the month so on Saturday, I can go back to Costco and Ikea. (And since DD will be making an appearance soon, it’s very likely that I won’t be making another appearance at either of these places near the end of the month so I’m good! Right? Oh, blast that internet!)

On a similarly crazy note, I really miss having grapefruit scented liquid soap, but I am not keen on paying $3-4 for a small refill. I usually just buy those huge Softsoap liquid refills (80 fl oz) at Costco – but it’s so boring. But today, I had the amazing brainwave to just buy a bottle of grapefruit essential oil and add some drops to the unscented soap. (~20 drops) Genius! Much cheaper! YAY! (Better than my plan of eventually making soap with my leftover breastmilk from DS!)