My nesting has hit overdrive and I went to Ikea today to get more storage things. I’ve also culled a lot of my clothing (from office wear that I never liked, to clothes my mom got me that were expensive but I didn’t ever feel comfortable wearing, to clothes I will never fit into again) and currently have at least four bags of clothes and jackets and dresses ready for the Veteran’s curb side pick up at the end of the week.

DH “wants” to do the same for his clothing, but he just wants to relax right now. For the crazy nesting side of me right now, I find it UNACCEPTABLE. But I will get over it. He’s pretty much played with DS all day and was a great sport at Ikea so I guess I’ll let him watch some college football. The things I suffer.

Last night, at around 2am, I decided to clean out the linen closet and I went to town. Seriously, I’ve gone crazy – but I guess in a good way? Or something? At least things are getting all sorted out, right? RIGHT? Ideally, we’ll have a lot less stuff (in terms of clothes and clutter), I’ll be able to actually SEE the things in my closets and not have them fall on top of me, and I won’t just re-fill my house with more crap. (I hope.)

Here’s to a new leaf and a new baby!

ETA: After DS went to sleep and DH had some relaxing time, I forced him to go back upstairs and clear out his side of the closet. DH did stellar and then went to take a break. I forged on and reorganized the entire walk-in closet! I’m so pleased – we have so much space (which is what happens when you get rid of almost half your clothes) and we didn’t even spend that much on storage. DH had the brilliant idea when we were at Ikea to NOT buy a $100 drawer/sectional piece and see what happened when he got rid of a ton of clothes. Instead, I only spent about $50 on the storage stuff that we ended up using (and that I was going to buy on top of the $100 drawer). YAY!