But hopefully, not too much In With the New! It is very tempting to fill up all that space that we cleared out of our walk-in closet. It is very tempting to go clothing shopping (but since I’m hugely pregnant, that isn’t really a problem for me at the moment). I really need to re-institute my old college and immediate post-college rule about a clothing item in and then a clothing item out. (Which is very similar to the method I mocked my friend’s husband for, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a sound principle!)

I am super happy and excited about the clean closet. I really should have taken before and after photos. I still have about 20+ things on my To Do Before DD Comes List but I’m super glad because these were some of the BIG things. The other biggie items on the list include cleaning/clearing out the hall closet (because there is NO room in there – and it’s a Harry Potter type closet in that it goes under the stairs so technically, there should be plenty of room but it’s filled to the brim). And of course, the ever-present, clear out the office/guest room. That room is MUCH better than it used to be, but we could still get rid of more stuff (or at least, organize it in some fashion).

A never-ending task, this purging of clutter. (This is perhaps why I also watch Hoarders so much. You know, to get me motivated to get rid of stuff.) I really am as pleased as punch. So happy!