Today, I was very fortunate that my friend’s mom came over to accompany her granddaughter on a playdate while my friend was at a doctor’s appointment. (She was due this past Thursday but baby 2 hasn’t yet been evicted.) Anyhow, my friend’s mom told me to relax or do whatever while she, her granddaughter, and DS went upstairs to play in DS’s room. So, of course, I cleared/organized the laundry room. It is so awesome. I am so pleased. Who knew I had so much wasted space? Everything is put away and I still have some room in the cabinets. Plus, I got to vacuum in some super dusty corners. YAY!

Oh, and I almost forgot that I finally washed several seasons worth (winter and spring) of bedding from my room, my kid’s room, and the guest room. Sometimes, I can get very lazy and leave bedding that I don’t need immediately on my walk-in closet floor for, oh… um, close to six months? Whatever. Now they’re all clean (I think I did 4-5 loads today) and folded and zipped in handy dandy plastic bags. Yay, again!

Then tonight, of course, I started my pantry reorganization project at 11:30pm at night. DH was DISPLEASED because I told him originally that he didn’t have to do anything, but then, I asked him to take everything out of the pantry and put it in the hallway. It’s not that he didn’t want to help, he would just prefer I tell him earlier in the night – and not when he’s close to bed or in a time-crunch.

At any rate, three hours later, my pantry is super-organized and I have a ton of left over room and space. YAY! (Plus, I found some food I threw out, as well as miscellaneous items I can add to my giant pile of Donate items.)

So, here’s the tally thus far in my crazy re-organizing/de-cluttering binge:

  1. Master bedroom walk-in closet
  2. Master bedroom linen closet
  3. Master bedroom bathroom sinks (although this was done a few months ago, but I’ll count it as part of this giant decluttering project)
  4. Guest bathroom sinks/cabinets
  5. Laundry/utility room
  6. Kitchen Pantry

Up next:

  1. Hallway/Harry Potter closet (this is filled TO THE BRIM)
  2. Upstairs hallway linen closet/cabinets
  3. Office/Guest room
  4. Kitchen drawers and cabinets
  5. Garage

Of course, a ton of other stuff (mainly laundering cloth diapers and baby clothes to get things ready for DD). It seems that every time I cross a thing or two off my list, I think of two or three more to add to it. I am clearly going crazy – however, my house seems to benefit so I’m not complaining. I just know that once the baby gets here, I won’t be doing ANYTHING for a long while. And since a lot of these items are things that are nice to do, but really a lot of effort, I know I won’t get to it after DD is born. So, I’m very pleased that I have these insane bursts of energy because once I’m done with my giant list, I should be good for at least another year or two. (You know, until I get prego and all nesty-like with BB3.)