I am so pleased!! Pretty much I have only two more major things to get done (and it really is major):

1) Clear out the office/guest room. (I swear, I’ve done this twice this year so far, and I’ll just have to keep on doing this. Mainly because as things clear out from other rooms, they end up here. *sigh*)

2) Clear out the Harry Potter closet. (I know, my good friend helped me with this back in June – but another friend returned a ton of my baby items and they’re all currently stuffed in there. Plus, I bought more crap in bulk. *sigh*)

ETA: I finished #2 up there starting at midnight last night and finishing around 2:30am. This post was written the other day. hee!

Of course, vacuuming once we are all done!! YAY!!

I swear, by the time DD gets here, my house will be in the best shape it will ever be in. Only for me to ruin it in the next two years and I’ll have to do this all over again when Baby 3 shows up. What’s going to be my motivation after I’m done popping out babies? Ah well… that’s not likely to be until 2015 assuming all goes as planned.