Because last night, I didn’t know if my water broke or not. (Now, I know this is my second kid, but my water never broke for DS and they never broke my water either, so I had no idea.) I was pretty sure it didn’t, but somehow my underwear was completely soaked and I know I didn’t pee myself (I think). And I was pretty sure it prolly wasn’t DS when he was sitting on me because the angle was just impossible. Then, because one of my friends went into contractions and had to go to the hospital a month early last night, and I had a weird colored discharge (yes, yes, TMI), and when I was showering, I kept peeing, I freaked out a little bit.

The internet, of course, was unhelpful because here are two descriptions of water breaking: 1) A gush of water and a popping sound; 2) A trickle. Um, I think that about covers EVERY POSSIBILITY, no? Then, I had to look up what a mucus plug looks like. Gross. And mucusy. You’re welcome for that image you can’t unsee, by the way. You’re welcome.

So, I called the doctor and the on-call physician recommended I drive myself to the hospital (since he was pretty sure it was nothing) and take a quick test to make sure. On the drive in, I realized that I was an idiot and that it most likely was SWEAT. Why? Because just before, I had vacuumed the stairs and the newly cleared office/guest room. And apparently, I’m a sweaty beast and my underwear was SOAKED. EW.

On the bright side, now I know where the Labor & Delivery is at my hospital (since it’s a different one than before) and it’s really nice. So, there’s that going for me. And obviously, my water did not break. I find out tomorrow when my induction is scheduled though, so that’s another yay!