The nurse called and I’ve been scheduled for an induction on Monday morning at 7:30am. Although I feel relief in the sense that at least I know WHEN this baby will be happening (of course, this does not account for baby girl to show up EARLIER), I am also just NOW starting to realize that I WILL HAVE TWO CHILDREN UNDER TWO IN 5 DAYS.


I am both nervous and emotional. I do not want to be gone from DS so long!! (I know, 2 nights really isn’t that long in the scheme of things.) I moved DS’s car seat to the side and put in the infant car seat in the safest spot today. Surprisingly, not as emotional as I thought it would be. Possibly because I was stunned by the amount of CRAP underneath DS’s seat. EW. At least a year’s worth of snacks, my friends. EW.

I am also pleased that I got the majority of my items crossed off my list. The only things that are left are really very small things and not a big deal at all. PLEASED, I say. PLEASED.

Also, on a whim (spurred on by DS getting into the coins), I took 99% of our spare change and put it through CoinStar at the grocery store and came out with $103.70 in Amazon money (because if I took cash, they’d take out a whopping 9.8%!!). And since you all know I love the Amazon – it’s awesome. Plus, I finally returned THREE packages that have been sitting on my dining table for months. It’s been a productive day. 🙂

Ok. I’m tired. (The insomnia has worn off, thank goodness!!) Good night!