Somehow, “Mine” has crept into DS’s vocabulary and it is hilarious. Two recent illustrations:

1) At our playgroup this afternoon, a one year old little boy had his hand on my leg. DS, from about 10 feet away, runs over, pushes the boy’s hand off of me and says (rather forcefully), “MINE!!”

2) During his naps (and when he sleeps in bed with us), DS likes to hold my hand. However, he also likes to dig his fingernails into my hand and I DO NOT LIKE THAT. So, despite many warnings to stop, DS ignored my requests. As a result, I decided that he would no longer get my hand and now has to hold onto his bunny. Well, DS was not amused and kept looking for my hand. He sat up, grabbed my hand and said, “MINE!”

Good to know that I’m his possession. hahaha. It’s sweet and cute and rather accurate – but not for much longer. Soon he will have to share Mommy with an even more possessive baby. 😉

ACK! I can’t believe Monday is almost here already!