I may have mentioned that my uncle was going to be in town this weekend but that they were “too busy” to see us. It annoyed me because, really? But tonight, at 9:15pm, my youngest cousin IMs me and says that her dad says it’s ok for us to come by and see them. I’m sure she didn’t mean to sound as presumptuous as it did, but whatever. I was almost tempted to be sarcastic, but she’s like 12 or something and that’s not necessary. She is, after all, very excited to meet DS!

So, I will force us up early (because I think I still might have a playgroup tomorrow at my house for a last hurrah – but it depends on whether or not DS is still running a low fever or not) but I guess it is worth it. My grandmother is also here, but in a different room and I don’t want to see her. If she is there, I guess I will be civil. But I have no idea what I will do then.

Ah well. Family is fun?