So, we’re back!! I can’t believe that tomorrow, DD will be one week old. That’s so insane to me since I feel simultaneously that she’s so new and that she’s always been here. I don’t know what that means, but it’s a good thing for sure. Since I’m pretty tired and my thoughts are all over the place, instead of a long, blown out birth story, etc or whatever, I will just give quick bullet points. If I ever come up for air again, I will try to elaborate the stories, but I just need to get started in bite-sized chunks or I will get so overwhelmed I will never start.


Ok, so off I go!

  1. First off, here are the stats (cuz that’s what most people – and by people, I mean women – want):
    DOB: 10/17/11
    Weight: 7 lbs 13 oz (1 oz less than DS)
    Length: 20 in (1 in less than DS)
    Head circumference: 13.5 in (0.5 in less than DS – THANK GOD)
  2. After being induced around 8am and being 1 cm dilated for most of the morning, I was resigned to a longer labor. I had really wanted to give birth early in the afternoon so I could see DS before it was his bedtime. I know, I know. I was about to give birth to DD and all I could think about was DS. I suck.Anyhow, at about 12:45 I was at 4cm and we had called our parents to tell them it would be awhile before DD showed up. We were so wrong! Apparently, once you’ve had a baby, your body totally knows what to do for future babies. By 1:30, I was at 8cm and seriously, twenty minutes later, I was at 10cm. The nurse told me to get ready to push.I was like, “WHAT? Like, push as in PUSH THIS BABY OUT? How the…?”

    Yeah, so I pushed for about twenty minutes and all of sudden, there was a flurry of action. The doctor told the nurses to get the OR ready, clear the hallway, and help him scrub up and get ready. DH and I looked at each other like, WTH? and the doctor said that we were most likely going to have a repeat of DS. Although, this time, DD was face up so it was a little harder to deliver. The doctor said they were going to try and vacuum her out (just like with DS) and if that didn’t work, we were going to have a C-section.

    Of course, I was disappointed, but I also knew that I wanted the baby to be fine and what can you do if your pelvis just isn’t accommodating enough? Football may be a game of inches but birth is a game of millimeters.

    I just followed instructions and pushed as hard as I could. (Although, really, it’s rather hard to know what that is. After all, there are always lingering doubts that I could push harder.) I envisioned DD swimming and pushing out of me. And lo and behold! I heard DH say, “I can see her head!!” For some reason, I thought he meant that he could see the top of her head when I was pushing, but of course, since he was standing by MY head, that wouldn’t be possible. And then, they said she was out, but I didn’t really hear them and kept pushing.

    Then, I saw her! The doctors were suctioning her mouth and then lay her quivering, gray/whitish gooey and bloody body on me and I heard myself weeping. I was so happy! In the back of my mind, I found the whole scene super creepy because OMG – she was GREY and white and trembling and EW! But she was out! And the doctors said she was fine. 🙂

    I had totally forgotten about the vernix. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is gross and waxy and gray/white and cheesy and ALL OVER NEWBORNS.

    But who cares? She was born! Happy Birthday, DD!!

  3. Heh. I guess we got a birth story after all. 🙂
  4. I can’t believe I pushed for twenty minutes and got a baby. I can’t believe that I almost had another C-section. And I am so pleased that after three vacuum attempts, the doctor had a gut feeling and had me push one more time and DD turned so she slipped right out of me. I just remember there being a lot of pressure. Thank God for drugs because even on them, it hurt.Rather, it was supremely uncomfortable. I don’t mean that it hurt me in a mind-splittingly horrible way that labor actually is. I mean that it hurt and I could feel something huge pass through me. And all else is fuzzy and I can’t wait to have another baby (and then another!). So clearly, it wasn’t that bad.
  5. When the doctor first checked in on me after the induction and I was at 1cm, he mentioned that I could get an epidural at any time. I said, “Ok. Yes. Now please.” I think they thought I was joking because my contractions at that point were four minutes apart and were about the same type of pain level as a really bad menstrual cramp.I totally didn’t care. I said, “You know, I’ve been through this before. I know what a labor contraction feels like. It totally sucks. I do not ever need to feel this type of pain ever again. So, if you tell me I can have it now, I say, ‘Yes, please.’ “So, I got my epidural. It was glorious. Because you see, epidurals also have some Fentanyl in it and OMG, it totally MAKES ME HIGH AS A F-ING KITE. Which is also what happened last time. Glorious stuff, I tell you.
  6. When the doctor broke my water, there was a lot of gushing. And then I laughed – and there was SO MUCH GUSHING DH and the nurse started to laugh, which in turn made me laugh and OMG SO MUCH GUSHING. But there was hilarity so I guess that’s good. 🙂
  7. VBACs are the most awesome thing in the world. I still can’t believe I was up and walking around the same day I gave birth. Without pain. Sure, I had some drugs coursing through my system, but by the next day, I could’ve tolerated the pain without the medication – but I still took it. I’m not an idiot anymore when it comes to pain. No, thank you!I’ve pretty much resumed my regular life after coming home from the hospital – I even went out tonight to a dinner at a friend’s house. There will be a playgroup at my home tomorrow morning. I cannot even begin to emphasize how vastly superior the recovery process is with a vaginal birth. I am so grateful that I had a chance to deliver vaginally and that I won’t be cut open four times.

Ok. DH is telling me to go to sleep (it’s not like we have a newborn or anything). I will add more bullet point updates tomorrow. Seems like once I get started, I don’t stop blabbering, eh?

YAY for babies!