No update post today. Can’t spill all my best material all at once, you know. I’ve got to spread it out. 😉

Anyhow, I subscribe to a lot of deal sites and blogs and you know what? It’s dangerous. Sure, you get to see a lot of amazing deals (especially on those coupon sites) but several factors in my own life prevent me from using these extreme coupon places to their full potential:

  1. I don’t want these products.I don’t care if they’re almost or even actually free. I don’t want it. I won’t use these free samples so they will just fill my house with clutter. I just cannot understand how some of these bloggers are so happy to have a ton of free samples of stuff I can’t imagine wanting/needing/trying.Am I missing something? Do they genuinely want to try these items? Do they give this stuff away to shelters or churches? Do they just like hoarding free stuff? Do they bundle them up as gifts? I don’t get it. Plus, the effort entailed just to GET the free sample seems like a huge waste of time.
  2. There is just too much stuff.I can’t believe how much stuff is out there – and a lot of it almost for free! This is both awesome and unawesome. After all, there is just so much out there that it takes practically forever to truly peruse the deals, figure out what you want or need or even plan that far in advance. No wonder some of extreme couponers can spend upwards of 70 hours a week on this stuff.I do not have this sort of time, people! I usually just scan the deals to see if I recognize any brands or items. Pictures are usually very helpful – but the lists don’t usually have them because OMG, the poor folks who collect all that data would just cry if they also had to find .gifs to accompany the line items. I can’t believe they type this stuff all out for us!
  3. I like certain brands and stick to them. Call me a snob, but once I find something I like, I’m going to stick to it. I’m a marketer’s dream for some products. I don’t want to always have a crapshoot and buy what’s on sale and hope it’s tasty or for the best. What’s the point in spending money (albeit, very little of it) on something that I hate (or might hate) and won’t consume/use? I mean, certain items, I don’t really care what brand it is. But other items (like toilet paper – Charmin Extra Strength ONLY please), I have already tried all the other brands and have finally settled on the one that I love. No changes, please.
  4. I end up spending more money.That’s the real clincher! This is usually the case for those deal sites (eg: where the feature one or two deals of the day and send you pretty pictures and show you the X% you’ll save on this groupon or whatever. Stuff I never even knew I wanted comes delivered to my email (that’s why I’ve unsubscribed to the majority of these newsletters/sites) and practically COMPELS me to purchase their shiny new items!On the coupon sites, it makes me think of spending money on items I would’ve never considered and I justify it by saying, “Oh, it’s only $X. It’s practically nothing!” Of course, that is what they want you to think! The companies make it painless to try and before you know it, you’re hooked. What can you do then? Always search for these coupons or pay full price or forever pine away wanting those items?

    I know, there’s such a thing called self-control, but who wants to be a grown up?

  5. I am too lazy.This is part and parcel with #2. My eyes glaze over at all the savings possibilities at all these different stores. I don’t want to go to five different stores so I can save a few dollars on cheese at this store and bread at another. I want to go to two stores and spend my money there. If I do save some money, great! If not, I will not weep.However, I have taken to actually reading my local Safeway ads and yes, I do end up buying/trying one or two new things, but I’ve also saved a good bundle on things I was going to buy anyway. My happiest moment two weeks ago was when I saved 27% on my Safeway bill through a combination of rewards card savings and a happy convergence of manufactures coupons and a sale! Plus, I got 10 cents off gas AND $10 back in rewards money.

    OMG, did I just write that? It did make DH very happy, too. He feels as if I am taking his lament seriously (about not loving him and wanting him to work until he dies because I spend all our money) and that makes him feel loved. So, I suppose there is that side benefit. Wait, WHO AM I?

Funny how we blink and we’ve turned into someone nearly unrecognizable.