Now that I have a moment to breathe, here are some more DD updates.

  1. She has the most hilarious cry when she’s mad. It’s a cry that ends in a cough. At first, her cries were weak and barely audible, but now! Well, now she’s learned that she has to compete with DS and boy, she gets MAD!!! Her hands and arms will shake with baby rage and her cries/screams turn all wobbly and tremulous. It just goes to show you that we are now inured to baby cries and now find them hilarious and can tolerate a lot.
  2. She is super mellow. I mean, she can seriously sleep through the apocalypse. DS will be shrieking, screaming with joy, shaking her pack n play because he wants to see her and what does she do? SLEEP. She is in fact, usually so quiet and sleepy that I forget that she’s in the room. I FORGET THAT I HAVE ANOTHER CHILD.
  3. With that said, she can pack away the milk! She eats much faster than DS did (thank goodness) and then will spit up almost as much as she ate (just like big brother)! And then, she’ll be hungry practically right after again, because I suppose I make the Chinese food version of milk wherein she is hungry immediately after chowing down. *sigh* So, I guess that makes up for her quick meals.
  4. Remember how I said she sleeps through everything? She also sleeps through EATING. I have to burp her every 5-10minutes just to ensure that she might stay awake to get some food in her. That said, she is still growing, so that’s good. Back to at least her birth weight, so that makes me happy!
  5. Her jaundice seems to finally be receding. (I suppose it would’ve gone faster had I remembered to expose her to indirect sunlight. Or force fed her every two hours – but seriously, that would’ve been painful because babygirl does NOT wake up!) So eventually, we will actually see her true complexion in her face!When she first came out, we thought, “Finally! An Asian baby!” But after a day under the lights, I realized that her skin tone is just as white as DS. hahahah. So, we have a white baby with Asian eyes. 🙂 It pleases me, too, that she seems to look like me in her profile while she is eating. I think it’s the nose.

    That said, I think people only say she looks like me in that she doesn’t look like DH (just like people say DS looks like DH because he doesn’t really look like me). Whatever, she popped out of me so she’s MINE.

  6. DS is starting to “like” DD. He’s very curious about her – although of course, he is very jealous of all the time she is with me. Thank goodness for DH being around to give him practically undivided attention. DS is actually starting to go to DH more now because I can’t pay attention to him. So much so, that I admit to being a little jealous myself. I miss my little boy and at night, I hold onto him as long as possible before his bedtime.
  7. With one more week left to DH’s paternity leave, I admit I am starting to panic when I think about how I will handle two kids at the same time. DH’s solution is for me to hire some help – but I think that’s ridiculous. I have many friends who take care of two or more kids on their own. I’m sure I will muddle through somehow. Best to just pull the bandaid off right away vs. dragging it out by getting some help and then having that go away too.
  8. It’s true. Second babies just don’t get as many pictures or videos. DH has been pretty good about trying to remember to take more pictures and videos of her, though. I think it’s because he’s the youngest of three and by the time it came to him, he has almost zero pictures of just himself. All his pictures are with his siblings.
  9. When DD is actually awake (for the ten minutes of the day that she is), her bright, black eyes are so cute! She just stares up at me and is adorable. I am grateful for the night wakings because at least then, I can cozy with her without feeling guilty that I am neglecting DS. Plus, then I don’t feel guilty that she doesn’t have as much cozy time with me that DS did when he was born.
  10. I’ve pretty much had to resign myself to the fact that DS is going to suffer during this transition. I never thought I was overly a helicopter parent (so many articles about this in the news lately) and trying to shield him from any and all pain. After all, I usually let him experience the consequences of his actions (especially if they involve injuries of some sort). But I really wish I could spare him this “suffering” that he’s experiencing.
    Sometimes, he will just lay by me and hold onto my elbow or stroke my arm because he just wants to be touching me somehow. Even just typing this makes my heart break.Plus, DD will also have to “suffer” because I cannot and won’t be able to attend to all her needs immediately. (Same goes for DS.) But DS is resilient and DD doesn’t know any differently. Heh. And somehow, they will survive and thrive and adapt.

    But gosh, I wish I could just split myself into multiple me’s. Plus, think of all the stuff I could get done!
  11. Went to Costco today and tried on the ergo for the first time since last Christmas when I took it out for DS on our trip to DC. Amazing how light a newborn is in it versus a one year old! It certainly is much lighter than being pregnant!!
  12. Ok, I told myself that I would endeavor to sleep by 10:30pm and look, it’s 11:12pm already. A tired Mommy is a sad and crying Mommy. See you tomorrow!