The whining, that is. I never realized just how fucking annoying a constantly whining toddler could be. There has been much yelling of, “Stop it, DS! Mommy hates it when you whine!” His poor little face just crumples into sadness – but seriously, the whining is one of the worst things ever invented by children.

It makes sane and kind grown ups like DH want to go ballistic. It makes my normal, supremely forbearing and patient husband look like someone took a shit in his lap. It makes me want to scream and shake my awesome little boy.

Of course, we don’t shake him and we are quick with the hugs and kisses and understanding because, hey, if your world just rocked and tilted and you were no longer the center of Mommy’s universe after two years of being so, I think you’d whine all the time, too. But we are also human and can’t stand it.


I want to be like a good friend of mine who sends her boy to his room whenever he whines. I am supremely tempted. But then I think of what it was like when DS was locked in his room for 30 minutes and I really would rather stomach the whining than hear THAT.

The joys of motherhood!