One of the best things about nursing is the constant baby-gazing that I get. I love how DD is such a greedy little thing and looks so content munching on my boob. I swear, she is the spitting image of her big brother as an infant. I love her sweet little smell, her snarfles and burbles and meeps. I love how she curls up like a little lima bean and is just so cozy. *sigh*

And you know what else? Having her around makes me so happy that I can’t wait to have a third. 🙂 Not right now, mind you. I like the way we’re spacing them out so in a year, we’ll try for #3. 🙂 In the meantime, I will just soak up all DD’s baby-ness. I know I was worried about not loving her as much as DS, but I am pleased to say that my heart expands and I love them both so much!! As I whispered to DD the other night, I loved her before I knew her.

It is good to be a mommy.