There is something about responding to a craigslist ad and wanting so badly to get in early for that awesome deal that I end up not thinking and rushing without getting all the facts. (Eg: asking for a picture, finding out how many pieces there are, how big the box of stuff, etc.) There is always that fear that I will never see this awesome deal again – which is totally ridiculous since I will (and have).

So, yesterday, I ended up being an ass by leading a lovely lady on about buying some Lego Duplos and then reneging because I thought about it, didn’t want to spend $65 on a Lego table (for which I have no room in my house) and 100-200 pieces when another ad I responded to had about 300 pieces for $30. *sigh* Truly, she should’ve smacked me. Poop.

On the plus side, I got this wagon today for $35! I already bought the canopy on amazon (since I rarely see it on craigslist) and am very excited. Now, just to resolve WHERE to store this sucker in the garage. I got a used push tricycle yesterday (although I was disappointed because the lady did NOT mention the crack in the basket – of which, I don’t really mind, but now I regret paying $15 for it) and DS was VERY excited when we picked it up. Too bad it’s been such cruddy weather.

I am also getting a used kiddie picnic table for the backyard, so that should be cool, too. Seriously, I have a bad craigslist habit – but I was meaning to get these things anyway, might as well get them used, right? After all, I’m hopefully getting a used JJ Cole Bundle Me (basically, a sleeping bag for kiddos in their strollers and car seats) because the new one I got a year ago for DS is great and I want one for DD, too. Unfortunately, the used one I got the other day for $10 was not the one I wanted since it doesn’t seem as warm as the one I already have. (I wanted the Urban one with fleece and waterproof outside).

If you’re still reading, you are very kind. This is so boring for everyone else except my shopaholic self. I have been meaning to go to sleep earlier and all I can do is stay up late and shop. Truly, very stupid.