I know this post is pretty late, but I did want to write about this past Thanksgiving. I had a great time. 🙂 My mom went to DC to visit my brother so it was going to just be our family and my great-aunt. Well, I thought, why not see if any of my friends were also going to be spending Thanksgiving alone?

Turns out, we had 11 adults and 6 kids under three at the dinner! So much fun. Let me just say that it is much easier to do Thanksgiving dinner if you have a lot of people bringing dishes. I basically only had to make the turkey and provide snacks. I just took the gravy from last year’s Thanksgiving out of the deep freezer and heated that up. Cheating? YES. But I have a newborn, so I’m okay with that.

The turkey turned out awesome. Even my mom, who got home yesterday, said it was very tasty (even the white meat). And my mom is your typical Chinese lady – hates turkey! So, it must’ve been good. I’ve been eating it about a week straight and still love it. (Especially with piles of gravy.)

I am hoping to have stragglers at all the Thanksgiving dinners to come. There is just something about a packed house full of friends and family and lots of babies that makes me so happy. Isn’t that the point of having so much stuff – to share and be generous? I hope that I will always feel this way. YAY!