I have a love/hate relationship with Bruno Mars’s songs. Mostly because I find them insincere and groveling and the worst sort of drivel. And yet, the tunes are so catchy!! *sigh* So, it is with great chagrin that I admit to absolutely adoring his latest single, “It Will Rain.” Unbeknownst to me, another Breaking Dawn Pt 1 song. Doomed/Destined to love the soundtrack to such bad writing. *sigh*

Now, the reason I find this song so ridiculous is the opening line of “If you ever leave me, baby / Leave some morphine at my door.” REALLY? That is just too stupid and over-dramatic for words. (Although, technically, it is in words so thereby proving my previous statement false. Whatever.) And that is the case for all Mars’s songs. They are just so overblown and so incredible. As in, the literal meaning of the word – not credible!

Sadly, this is precisely the kind of tripe that I would have devoured as a drama loving young adult. Thankfully, this phase of my life is over. Possibly, I wouldn’t despise Bruno Mars so much if, in his singing, he sounded remotely sincere. There is a quality to his voice or the way he sings that makes it seem all an act – as if he is just parroting words that he believes will make women swoon. I alternately find him to be the most pussy-whipped singer or the most calculating. It depends on how charitable I’m feeling at the moment.

However, I do not feel that way about Ne-yo’s songs, even though they seem to be, at first blush, in the same vein. After all, Ne-yo also has these ridiculous “pro-woman” songs, or whatever. But Ne-yo sounds sincere, and his lyrics are, as much as R&B can be, much truer to the ideal of being all woman-empowery. (If that makes any sort of sense. It is rather late as I am writing this nonsense.)

Anyhow, that is all I have to say semi-coherently on this subject. As it is already, I feel as if I have wasted enough brain space on this silliness. Indeed, this is the stuff that I think about. Truly sad, isn’t it? I am reminded of my recent post on the banality of my thoughts and am renewed in my despair over my utter lame-osity.